Zurich, Switzerland ~ http://www.athayoga.ch/workshops/

A full weekend of yoga, dance, meditation and the chakra system designed to awaken you to the power of who you are and set your soul on FIRE!

Friday Night: Soul Fire ~A Yoga Dance Experience

There is a fire that burns in every soul. This fire awakens us to our purpose and fills our life with energy and enthusiasm. Call forth the fire in your life to burn through stagnation, limited beliefs and stories and awakened to the vibrant power of who you are. Dynamic, Fun, and Freeing this journey includes meditation, asana, guided and free form movement which culminates in a full on dance party!


Awaken your Chakra Connection

Saturday Evening

JourneyDance~ Break out of the Box of Perfectionism

Break out of the box of your limiting beliefs and find your vibrant energy and vitality. Become embodied, connected and empowered on this musical journey. Own yourself, release judgments, expand your emotional bandwidth, and move into love and transformation!