Vienna, Austria

SHAKTI BEATS~ Cocoa | Yoga | Dance | Community

Friday OCT 21st

Cacao Medicine BeatsRaw Cacao is not only a superfood but medicine for the heart. She is traveling continents to facilitate space for magic to unfold. It’s time again to meet in circles, to connect to our heart.beat and listen to the words that come from within. Join us for a healing evening including cacao ceremony, drum beats, heart beats, chanting and meditation


Water Beats~ Fluid, feminine, and Flowing ~ The movement of the ocean, the waves rolling in and out, the tide ebbs and flows.  Dive deep into the waters arousing your creative energy and feeling body through a hip opening flow.  Session includes~ Moving Meditation, Breath, Mudra, Asana 

Heart Beats~ Tune in, Listen, and act from the rhythm of your own heart. Your own sacred pulsation to life itself.  Breath in and dance with spirit and explore the true power of love.  Session includes~ Heart meditation, Breath work, Heart opening vinyasa 

SUN OCT 21st

Fire Beats~ There is a fire that burns in every soul.  This fire awakens us to our purpose and fills our life with energy and enthusiasm.  Call forth the fire in your life through this transformative dynamic yoga dance experience sure to light you up!  

After class we will feed our fire with the most delicious brunch by Pepper and Jenny!