My birthday + a big announcement!

I just turned 42!! 

I can't properly put into words the magnitude of what this birthday means to me, so I recorded a video for you all. It would mean the world to me if you watched it. 

And the other big news is that I've officially launched my first ever online course. It's called Confidence, Power, and Saying YES! 

There is a power in you, a gift in you that is waiting to be shared with the world.

It is time to rise up to this power, confidently say yes to it and begin to truly live your life!

This course will teach you how. 

Announcing my new website!

I've been working on something big for the last few months and I've been scared and hesitant to share it with you - but I'm finally ready to say YES!!! 

A very personal note from me

Namaste Yogis

I couldn't find I way to properly express the magnitude of the experience I'm going through right now by typing, so I recorded this video. Take a sec to watch this if you can. It's been a powerful time.