Blue Spirit: Nosara, Costa Rica

Activate & Balance Your Elements & Energies with fire starters Toni Bergins and Cristi Christensen

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Ignite and nourish your souls fire on the beautiful beaches of Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica.  Surrounded by exquisite beauty, healing waters, sunny skies and organic gourmet cuisine your body, heart, and soul will be pranafied so you can dive into your wildest, weirdest, wisest, most amazing self and enlighten up as you catalyze your life!  Feel the call to celebrate, and expand your bandwidth for how much joy, love, power, and possibility you can hold. Balance your body, heart, soul and spirit.

Your body is the vehicle for this journey. Your soul and spirit, the traveler. Music, yoga, and dance are the inspired portals for your transformation, integration, restoration and delight. 

Toni Bergins, creator and founder of JourneyDance™ and Cristi Christensen, creator of Deep Exhale, will exquisitely guide you into a sacred space to explore you. If you are ready to express yourself, break out of the box of your old stories and limited thinking and start living your dreams instead of just talking about them, then this RETREAT is for you! 

This Luscious Week Includes:

JourneyDance Practices

Processes for transformation

Daily Element and Chakra Rituals

Movement meditation & Inspiring Vinyasa Flows

Writing Contemplation

Voice Opening & Singing

Gourmet Cuisine

World renowned majestic Beaches

Howler Monkeys & MORE!!

If you are ready to own your joy, to feel, heal and rise up, then answer the call to ignite your life, stoke your personal fire and join us in living the dream!